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Listing No.: 90101792
Title: Laptops bid
Price: Call
Category: Computers
Subcategory: Notebook
Description: Below is a misc list of laptops. All Pentium 3 and up have A/C adapter . Pentium 1 and Pentium 2units may or may not have the A/C . All of these machines are complete as described and have been power on tested. Since we sell only in quantity and all of these are small quantity line items I have decided to just do a"floor sweep", and get them out of our way to the highest bidder. These have all been tested at one time or another but are being sold as-is. All have battery in them . We will need line item pricing . If you would like to bid please have it in to me by 5:00 CST Tuesday afternoon and we will contact the high bidder (s) on Wednesday.

Manufacturer Model Specs Qty. Available
EPSON 866 486/8/325mb/FD 1
IBM 9545-306 456 1
IBM 9552-301 486/25/4/FD 1
IBM 2620-80F 486/12/340MB/FD 12
IBM 9546-U21 P1/90/24/720m 1
IBM 9546-U21 P1/90/24/720MB 1
Compaq 4120 P1/120/16/1/FD 1
Gateway P1/120/72/4/CD 1
IBM 2645-489 P1/120/16/811m/CD 1
Gateway P1/133/24/1/FD 1
IBM 9547-U46 P1/133/48/2/CD 6
IBM 2635-3AU P1/150/28/2/CD/FD 2
IBM 2640-40U P1/166/48/2 1
IBM 9546-U9E P1/166/64/2/CD 4
IBM 2635-5AU P1/166/32/2/CD 7
Panasonic P1/166/64/2/FD 1
Compaq 1505 P1/200/64/2/CD/FD 1
Compaq PRESARIO P1/200/32/2/CD/FD 1
IBM 9547-8AU P1/233 1
IBM 2635-EAU P2/233/32/4/CD/FD Thinkpad 4
IBM 2635-8AU P2/233/32/3.2/CD/FD Thinkpad 4
Acer 722 P2/366/6/6/CD/FD 1
Compaq 7800 P2/366/128/10/FD 1
IBM 2644-5BU P3/450/64/6/CD/FD Thinkpad 1
Dell Latitude P3/500/128-384/6-12/CD 1
IBM 2645-4EU P3/500/128/10/CD 1
Compaq AMD533 AMD533/64/6/DVD/FD 1
Toshiba 8100 Toshiba Laptop 8100 P3/600/128/10-12/CD 1
Toshiba 8100 Toshiba Laptop 8100 P3/600/128/10-12/DVD 1
Dell Latitude P3/650/128/12/ need cd 1
Compaq M700 P3//700/128/12/CD 2
HP Omnibook 500 P3/700/128/20/CD/FD 1
IBM 2628-42U P3/700/128/12/20/CD/FD Thinkpad 1
IBM 2647-41U P3/700/128/12/DVD 1
IBM 2662-65U IBM ThinkPad X21 2662-65U PIII 700 1
IBM 2647-4EU P3/700/128/20/FD 1
Toshiba 8100 Toshiba Laptop 8100 P3/700/128/10-12/CD/DVD COMBO 1
Toshiba 8100 Toshiba Laptop Portege 3490 P3/700/256/20/no cd 1
IBM 2647-6BU P3/750/128/10/CD/FD 1
IBM 2262-95U P3/800/128/20/CD/FD 1
IBM 2647-87U P3/800/128/20/DVD 1
IBM 2662-95U / Thinkpad P3/800/128/20 1
IBM 2662-95U IBM ThinkPad X22 2662-95U PIII 800 1
IBM 2662-95U P3/800/128/20/DS/DVD/FD 2
IBM 2628-PTU P3/800/128/10/CD/FD 2
IBM A21P- 2629-H5U. P3/850/256/10 1
Compaq E500 P3/900/256/20/CD/FD/NIC/W2K 2
Gateway Solo9500 P3/900/128/10/CDRW/FD 1
Compaq E500 P3/1.0/256/30/CDRW/FD/MDM/NIC 1
Compaq EVO P3/1.0/256/20/ (1-DVD, 1-FD, 1-DVD) 3
HP OmniBOOK 6000 P3/1.13/256/20/CD 1
HP OMNIBOOK 500 P3/1.0/256/30/CD 2
IBM 2628-TTU P3/1.0/128/30/DVD/FD Thinkpad 1
IBM 2647-4MU P3/1.0//256/30/CD 1
Dell C610 P3/1.2/256/20/CDRW 1
IBM A22P P3/1.6/128/20/DVD 1
IBM 2653-H5U P4/1.7/256/30 1

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